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dozens of pastel colored houses that make up a fishing village on the island of Procia seen from the boat
Marina di Corricella in Procida

Guide to visiting Procida island in Italy

A story to discover Procida the smallest, authentic and colorful island of the Gulf of Naples
Just 4 km long, the volcanic Procida suddenly appears with its colorful houses that are reflected on the sea, the lemon trees and the narrow streets that reach a fortified village at the highest point of the island (91 meters above sea level).

Chosen as the Italian Capital of Culture 2022 Procida has the charm of places where time seems to have stopped and some of these are described in the words of writers and poets - as in the novel "The island of Arturo" by Elsa Morante - or in movie locations such as "Il Postino: The Postman" by Massimo Troisi.

The Marina Grande port in Procida, colored old building view from the ferry boat from Naples
The entrance of the Marina Grande harbor in Procida island

How to get to Procida?

Procida is easily accessible by hydrofoil or ferry in less than an hour from Naples.

The arrival in Marina Grande, the main port of the island, called by its inhabitants Sent ‘Co (Sancio Cattolico) is already a dip in the typical local architecture and the bright colors of the houses that overlook the seafront.

The custom is historically the desire of fishermen to recognize their homes even from a distance.

On the square of the port overlooks Palazzo Montefusco a building of the twelfth century, once the summer residence of the king, also called Palazzo Merlato because of the splendid battlements that characterizes it.

Head left along via Roma between the shops of typical handicrafts, restaurants appreciated by locals and tourists, and the wooden crucifix of 1845; not far away you see the Church of Santa Maria della Pietà (18th century) with its yellow and white facade and high baroque bell tower.

the yellow facade in eighteenth century style with white decorations as pilasters
Church of Santa Maria della Pieta at Marina Grande in Procida

How to move around Procida?

Being relatively small island, you can choose to discover it on foot as we did or by bike (in the square of the port taxi and bus). 

From the Marina Grande it is easy to reach the area of Terra Murata with the splendid view over the Corricella (you will find two cannons waiting for you) and a Belvedere that ranges from Capo Miseno, to the Sorrento peninsula up to Capri.

old houses of pastel color belonged to fishermen boats and sea panorama
La Corricella view from Terra Murata

Viewpoint of the Bay of Naples in Procida island

Terra Murata is a fortified village, the oldest on the island, dating back to the Middle Ages when the population chose to take refuge on the promontory to defend themselves from the incursions of pirates and enemies. 

The place was naturally defended by walls overlooking the sea and was later several times fortified with walls and watchtowers.

In a dominant position is Palazzo D'Avalos built in the sixteenth century by the D'Avalos family, feudal lords of the island from the time of Charles V until the 1700s.

In 1830 the spaces around the large courtyard were transformed into a prison with cells for the prisoners and sentry boxes for the sentries.

The penitentiary was definitively closed in 1988 and now the monumental complex has been reopened with the possibility to carry out suggestive guided visits in order to know its history.

an ancient palace on top of a yellow rocky coast covered by Mediterranean vegetation, seen from the sailboat in a blue sea
Palazzo D'Avalos, view from the sailboat cruise

Not far from the castle is the Abbey of St. Michael founded in 1026 and only later, at the end of the fifteenth century, dedicated to Saint Michael the Archangel patron saint of the island.

Destroyed and rebuilt several times, its current appearance dates back to the '500.

There are numerous works of art present in the church such as the precious coffered ceiling in gilded wood (seventeenth century) with in the center the painting “St. Michael defeats the rebel angels” of 1699 or the four paintings of the painter Nicola Russo, student of the most famous Luca Giordano near the high altar dated to 1690. 

Of particular interest is the canvas depicting the apparition and miracle of "Saint Michael that protects the island of Procida" from a Saracen raid, as it gives an image of the island at that time.

a small abbey with its bell tower inside a narrow alley where from a terrace clothes are laid to dry
Abbey of St. Michael in Terra Murata, Procida island

a golden wooden ceiling with a honeycomb shape made of larger and smaller rectangles with a fresco in the center
Wooden ceiling of the Abbey St. Michael in Procida island

In front of the Abbey, in the Palace of Culture (Ex Conservatory of orphans) is housed the Museum Casa Graziella historical reconstruction of the house of Graziella, protagonist of the novel of the same name that tells the love story between the writer, Alphonse De Lamartine, and a young inhabitant of the island, and she’s inspired by a real-life character.

Piazza dei Martiri is a crossroads between the villages of Marina Grande, Terra Murata and Corricella.

The square is dominated by the Baroque Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie and was formerly called Sèmmarèzio, that is Santa Maria. 

The church holds a picture of the Madonna delle Grazie enriched with gold and silver at the behest of the inhabitants of Procida for the miracle of having freed the island from the plague.

a church with bell tower with yellow facade and white decorative elements
Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie in Piazza dei Martiri, Procida

In the square road signs indicate the nearby "casali": represent the first urban settlements born outside the fortified city consisting of a set of multi-storey houses grouped around an internal courtyard; the houses were accessed through very narrow passages that could be closed in case of attacks. 

The most famous defensive architecture of this type is Casale Vascello.

How long does it take to visit Procida?

Probably a couple of days are needed to fully experience the island with its atmosphere punctuated by slow rhythms. One of the places where you can capture its most intimate essence is definitely Marina di Corricella.

We descend into the small fishing village along roads and stairways paved with stone blocks.

The eye-catcher is extraordinary: the houses are characterized by a thousand colors and have climbing stairs to reach the upper floors and the typical balcony covered by an arch called vèfio.

The small port is occupied by crowded networks, boats and countless restaurants where you can taste the typical dishes of the island’s cuisine.

In this marina there is the inn where the film "The Postman: The Postman" was shot.

a narrow alley crosses colored houses
San Rocco alley in Procida island

fishing nets of red color with the panorama of the colorful houses of the marina of bullfighting in the island of raccoon
Marina di Corricella in Procida island

What is the most beautiful beach in Procida?

The coast of Procida is sometimes shallow and sandy, at other points rocky and overlooking the sea with beaches, bays and coves, to see from the perspective of the sea in a tour of the island by sailboat we can organize for you.

Beyond Corricella there is the beach of Chiaia a wide arch of volcanic sand reachable through a ramp of about 200 steps from the nearby church of St. Antonio; famous is the beach of Pozzo Vecchio in which some scenes of the film "Il Postino: The Postman" have been shot.

Then there is the long strip of dark sand that includes the beaches of Ciraccio and Chiaiolella; the location of this stretch of coast facing west makes it a magical place to enjoy the sun at sunset behind the island of Ischia. 

On the left a bridge connects Procida to the small island of Vivara.

a stone pavement bridge with wooden parapets crosses the sea and connects Procida with the island of vivara
Sunset at the Vivara island bridge

Where to sleep in Procida?

Do you want to sleep in Procida? Contact us!

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View of Corricella from a quality apartment for rent in Procida

install the sails to a boat of the marina of Procida
Preparing the sailboat to enjoy a daily excursion in Procida

What activities to do in procida? 

If you are a sea lover we can recommend boat tours and sailboat cruises and excursions provided by our partners with whom you can navigate the Bay of Naples and its beautiful islands. 

If you love cycling we can organize a guided bike tour, even with e-bikes to admire every corner of the island.

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