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Zinzulusa Grotto - Salento coast in Puglia


Zinzulusa grotto cave in Castro Puglia
sea view from the Zinzulusa cave entrance

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Zinzulusa Cave, one of the most beautiful sea caves in Salento area of Puglia region, opens in the stretch of coast between Santa Cesarea Terme and Castro villages. 

Why is it called Zinzulusa cave?

Its name is linked to the numerous stalactites present on the vault of the large entrance that to the locals seemed similar to hanging rags named in the Salento dialect 'zinzuli'. 

The other numerous karst formations inside the cave have also taken on fictional names; so in the visit of the walking path along the 150 meters that lead to the 'Duomo', the last large environment that can be visited, the 'sentinels', two stalagmites placed at the entrance of the cave, the 'crib', the 'waterfall', the 'pulpit'. 

A part of the cave is occupied by the 'Cocito' lake and is an area not accessible to visitors for environment protection reasons; it is in fact the habitat of ancient and endemic fauna species of Zinzulusa Cave.

How to reach the Zinzulusa cave in Castro? 

To reach the Zinzulusa grotto, follow a narrow road cut into the cliff and lapped by the sea: the show that will open before your eyes will leave you speechless! We advise you only to take into account the sea conditions; strong gusts of sirocco can determine the closure of the site due to the wave motion.

Zinzulusa grotto cave in Castro Puglia
Zinzulusa grotto, view from the boat excursions in Castro

What to do near the Zinzulusa grotto near Castro?

The view from the sea is also breathtaking!

Boat excursion: we suggest to enjoy a boat excursion with us to discover the other sea caves close the Zinzulusa, along the Salento coast, Adriatic sea side, in Puglia. 

Not far from Zinzulusa there is also a Blue Grotto and other beautiful sea caves!

A walking tour: in the historic center of Castro, instead, will be an opportunity to retrace the steps of Aeneas, the hero virgilian in the third book of the Aeneid lands in the ancient Castrum Minervae.


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