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Welcome to Apulia

"Welcome" is the first word that local people tell you when you arrive in Apulia region, located in Southern Italy, known as a "boot heel" or the "heel of Italy".

Apulia is an Italian region with an impressive cultural heritage, cities of art and small villages where time seems to have stopped.

In Salento, the southernmost area of Apulia region, you can discover: 
  • The golden beauty of the Baroque of Lecce and Gallipoli
  • Elegant villages such as Nardò and Galatina with the precious Basilica of Santa Caterina d'Alessandria famous for its frescoes of the fifteenth century (these frescoes are portrayed in may Instagram posts of famous influencers)
In the central area of Apulia region you can explore: 
  • The splendor of Trani, Bari and other cities characterized by the magnificent Romanesque cathedrals of Apulia
  • The white historical centers of Ostuni and the Itria Valley villages: Cisternino, Locorotondo and Martina Franca
When you are in Apulia you can't lost the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of this stunning regions: 
  • Alberobello where you will see the trulli buildings, since 1996 included by UNESCO among the World Heritage sites
  • The Castel del Monte (its image is represented on 1 cent euro coins) 
  • The ancient cave sanctuary of Monte Sant'Angelo.

The Apulia region is kissed by the sun and caressed by two seas, the Adriatic and Ionian.
Their meeting takes place in the most eastern point of Italy, Capo d'Otranto, a suggestive location dominated by the Palascìa Lighthouse.

Its coasts are characterized by white beaches, wild cliffs and picturesque seaside villages: from the Gargano area with Mattinata, Peschici, Vieste villages, to Salento area with the magical atmosphere of Otranto, Leuca and Gallipoli villages.

"Nel blu dipinto di blu” (In the blu, painted blue), as a famous song by Domenico Modugno used to say, from dawn to dusk.

The Apulia hinterland alternate also gentle hills and flat expanses of olive trees and vineyards landscapes, rural architecture, dry stone walls and white masserie buildings.

A trip to Puglia region is an experience in the flavors of a culinary tradition that puts on the table local products of excellence such as orecchiette with cime di rapa, focaccia barese, bombette from Itria Valley, broad beans and chicory, seafood dishes, ecc.

A travel experience in the Apulia region is also a journey into the knowledge of artisans, traditions and music: the ancient art of Lecce Papier-mâché, the lights that color and illuminate the religious festivals, the ceramics of Grottaglie with the artisans district, the Pizzica music and folk dance with their great summer events, such as the "Night of the Taranta" festival.

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